About 4Team (for Microsoft Outlook)

4Team (for MS Outlook) is a cost-effective project management solution for workgroup and personal use that is made as an add-on for Microsoft Outlook and allows its users to easily share and manage their projects and Outlook data without or with a server.

We would like to extend a special "thank you" to many customers in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Singapore, and other countries that implemented our program for their everyday business needs: from personal and family use for sharing purposes, to real management solutions for Medical and Law Offices, Religious Services, technology or software production companies.

4Team Corporation 1999-2005


..."Seeing as how I`m in California while the rest of the Lockergnome team is back in lovely Des Moines, how the heck do we keep in touch with one another? Through e-mail, naturally. To be more specific, we use Outlook. It`s more than just an e-mail client though, and with this particular add-on, you can turn Outlook into the perfect place for shared information (without needing a central server)...It`s a lot more reliable than Net Folders!"...

Chris Pirillo Tech TV Daily Show Host / Lockergnome