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Please use these topics only if you plan to use the 4Team server environment for your 4Team Data.


4Team Server for Microsoft Outlook is designed to provide server-based collaboration among the users of Team Folders. It allows them to send and retrieve updates that are made in 4Team Folders through their network using the web services in addition to e-mail messages that are currently used in 4Team for Microsoft Outlook.

Important Note: For successful installation and use of 4Team Server we recommend reading the following document carefully and information available at http://server.4team.biz. Using professional help of Server Administrator is preferable. We also suggest consulting with our Online Support specialists that are available via Live Help on our corporate website at: http://www.4team.biz.

If you decide that our solution will work for you and you need to use the services of a professional server Administrator, please order the professional installation at: http://server.4team.biz.

Please also read MySQL usage Notice.


System Requirements

Server Installation

4Team Server Website